Thursday, 10th December, 2015

Member of the Month for December

Congratulations to Rob Dennis who is our member of the month for December!
Robert Dennis is one of our All Sorts veterans. He never gives up and always strives to not only ‘do it’ to the best of her ability, but then goes on to ‘beat it’ each and every day!  Bob enters the gym with an erasable smile and an outstandingly positive attitude. He is a pleasure to have as a member and as a part of our All Sorts family.

Bob Denniss

Fitness Camps

Great work to all our members who participated in the September Fitness Camp and November Express Camp.
We’ve seen some great results achieved throughout both camps, well done to all of you for your hard work. A big well done to Steve who scored an impressive 14.2 on his final beep test in the Express Camp.
A Special thanks to KT52 Hair Studio and Pro Nutrition for their generous prize donations this year! If you want the best hair with best nutrition advice and supplements on the coast, see KT52 Hair Studio and Pro Nutrition Wyong.

fitness camps

Christmas and New Year Timetable

Please note we will have limited classes over the Christmas and New Year. As always we will be open 24/7 in the gym & pool.

Christmas Timetable

Child Minding Competition

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Child Minding facility! The children have all been getting busy and being creative with their Christmas crafts. We’re still giving away weekly prizes! Be in it to win it!

A big congratulations to all our weekly prize winners, we hope you are enjoying your gifts. We still a few weeks and prizes to go so don’t forget to visit our facebook page and leave a comment to be in with the chance of winning.
Parents please note that our child-minding will be closed from Christmas Eve and will re-open on Monday 4th January. We would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you back in the New Year!

chgild minding

Instructor of the Month of December

Our instructor of the month is James Merrilees!
James is a personal trainer of the highest calibre. His extensive training technique and vast knowledge in all areas of fitness and health is what continues to make James so successful and such a great mentor to trainers and members of the gym. His positivity never loses presence in the gym. He is an irreplaceable attribute to the gym and it’s an honour to have him as part of the All Sorts family!

IOM Wyong

Instructor of the Month for December

Well done to Katie who is our instructor of the month. Katie is an inspiring yoga teacher who invites her students to have a personal and authentic experience on the mat. She teaches at All Sorts every Tuesday at 9.30am and Wednesdays at 6.30pm.

1. What led you to get into becoming a fitness trainer?

I have been practicing yoga for the last 17 years, delving into various styles while always enjoying the mental and physical benefits of each practice.  Over the years yoga was a constant tool to act as a pressure valve to release the stresses of work life. A way to find a balance and focus during periods of upheaval. I had constantly toyed with the idea of getting my qualification and setting a new path for myself that focused more on promoting a healthy mind body relationship, rather than putting on events that promoted business and no doubt lead to a hang over for most attendees! It was on a trip to India in 2012 that I  finally took the plunge and completed my training in Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India. It was truly a life changing experience! Teaching yoga is incredibly rewarding, helping students move through their physical and mental barriers, watching them develop in their practice and being able to connect with such a board group of people makes me so blessed to be able to call this my job.

2. Outside of the gym, what do you like to do for fun?

Travel is one of my passions. Huge fan of cooking tasty healthy treats, checking out new restaurants and bars (love a cheeky cocktail) and hanging out with the people I love.

3.  What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

Prior to teaching yoga I was an event producer, working on high profile gigs such a VIP Sponsorship program for London Olympics 2012, Handa Opera on the Harbour and the John Eales Medal for the ARU. To say there has been a bit of a shift in my life is a bit of an understatement!


Wednesday, 9th December, 2015

5 Week Challenge Results!

Well done to all of our All Sorts 5 week challengers for their incredible results and amazing transformations. Huge congratulations to the winner of the challenge, Natasha who lost a whopping 35.6cm combined! Keep your eyes peeled for the dates of our next challenge in the new year!

5 week challenge 1 5 week challenge 2

Tuesday, 8th December, 2015

How to Survive the Silly Season!

It’s the Silly Season, a crazy time of year where you put everyone and everything ahead of your own priorities in order to survive. Especially your health. Getting to the gym can seem almost impossible, and having an alcohol-free night can prove to be just as difficult, so we’ve wrapped up some tips to help you survive the rest of December!

1. Make better bad choices

Limit portions (you know that you don’t really NEED three pieces of cake to be satisfied). Pick the lower calorie or lower fat/high-carb stuff at the dessert table. People training hard can handle an influx of carbs acutely better than fat so pick that stuff.

2. Adapt your exercise program

The one thing everyone complains about throughout the year is a lack of time. To many kids activities, too much pressure at work, too many chores are all reasons I hear on a regular basis. However, in the summer holidays when we actually have more time we seem to reject the opportunity to take part in physical activity. Sure, you may be away, but that’s not stopping you from running/walking/swimming. Do something different, do something outdoors, play with the kids or organise a kick with the neighbour’s. All of this is valid and you’ll certainly feel better for working up a bit of a sweat.

3. Pump up the volume

By using a higher volume (more sets, higher reps) of training, not only do you increase fat oxidation, you give incoming carbs somewhere to go for storage instead of being used for energy. So bump up the burn before that xmas party giving those carbs somewhere to go

4. Drink Water

There’s nothing new in this piece of advice and it is one that we should be using every time we consume alcohol. For every alcohol drink you consume also consume a glass of water. Also instead of hitting the beers like they’re the last ones on earth, think about taking spirits with low-calorie mixers, like soda water. And stay away from those salty nibbles!

5. Eats lots of lean protein and vegetables before the desserts come

Lean protein has the highest short-term satiating power (this means it keeps you full) and the high-bulk of vegetables helps to fill your stomach which also sends a fullness signal. Some lean protein, veggies and fruit about 30 minutes before a party will give you a feeling of fullness and help to limit over consumption of ‘junk’ at the party.

6. Change the way you eat that day

If you know that you’ve got a 7pm dinner party where there will be lots of yummy food try (or only having small meals of lean protein and veggies most of the day. Unless you go completely

berserk, you’ll be unlikely to exceed your entirely daily caloric requirement in the one meal. And if you have trained that day too, happy times!

7. Learn to say no.

You don’t have to say yes to every event going. Try and limit the functions you attend, plan out your holiday period, you’ll then be in a much better place to plan your eating and exercise knowing what’s coming up. Then you can enjoy the events you do choose to attend and eat, drink and be merry!

survive the silly season