Thursday, 25th February, 2016

Curb your cravings

Depriving a sweet tooth is a recipe for disaster. Don’t cut things out so you binge later as most of the time willpower isn’t the answer. Food cravings are fueled by feel-good brain chemicals such as dopamine, released when you eat these types of foods, which creates a rush of euphoria that your brain seeks over and over. What you need is a plan that stops this natural cycle—and helps prevent unwanted weight gain. Try swapping these calorific foods for our alternatives to curb your cravings and still feel satisfied!

If you’re craving:

Salty snacks like chips, olives and salted peanuts


Too much salt is definitely unhealthy, but our bodies do actually need salt. Among other things, it helps stabilise our electrolytes, lower stress and improve brain function. As a rule, try not to exceed more than a teaspoon a day – this includes all the hidden salt in packaged and processed foods.

Curb the craving: Ironically, salt cravings are often a tip-off that you’re dehydrated, so drink a big glass of water before reaching for the crisps. Repeated cravings could also be a sign you’re low in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc, so consider a good multi-mineral supplement. Seeds and nuts are a great snack to include in your diet. Celery sticks topped with a teaspoon of peanut butter should also put those salt hankerings in their place.

Bread, pasta and potatoes


Complex carbohydrates like these are classic comfort foods that can actually make us feel calmer in stressful times and they are a key source of fuel for your body.
The problem is that many people eat white, refined-flour versions, which give our bodies a low-nutrition, high-calorie and blood-sugar-spiking intake – what dietitians refer to as empty calories. 

Curb the craving: Always go for brown, wholewheat or soy and linseed options as these contain more vitamins and will make you feel fuller for longer. Swap your potatoes for sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes provide fewer calories, more fiber and fewer total carbs.
Carb-craving can signal a need for the feel-good amino acid. Chia and sesame seeds, turkey, chicken, fish, meat, soya, cheese, eggs and nuts are good alternative sources.

Chocolate and sugary goods


It’s OK to treat ourselves from time to time, but regular cravings for sugary foods such as chocolate could be the result of a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is a mineral that is vital for almost every function in your body, and in this case your body might be on to something: dark chocolate – think 70% cocoa upwards – is a good source.

Curb the craving: A couple of dark chocolate squares can provide you with 24% of your daily magnesium requirements, so treat yourself, guilt-free.

Alternatively, dark leafy greens, nuts and pumpkin seeds, fish, beans, avocado and bananas are all even richer sources of magnesium.

Try making a healthy green smoothie with banana, spinach, kale, lemon and ginger. 

Coach of the Month – Feb

Congratulations Andrea Gallina! Andrea has years of professional experience in futsal. Andrea started playing futsal from a young age and is passionate about the game. He is ambitious, hard working and connects well with the kids and adult players. All 6 teams he coaches have made it to the semi final and further in their comps. He is a huge asset to All Sorts futsal.

What led you into becoming a coach?

I have played futsal for as long as I can remember. I used to play professionally and in recent years have started coaching. Futsal is and will always be a big part of my life, It is my passion!

Outside of All Sorts, what do you like to do for fun?

Play futsal of course, and soak it up on the lovely Australian beaches.

What is the one thing about you that people don’t know?

I used to work with crocodiles!

Wednesday, 24th February, 2016

Join All Sorts gym & pool and pay nothing ’till April!

Join All Sorts 24 hour gym and pool and pay nothing until April! Have our trainers help you to develop an individual sports specific program.

We offer over 80 group fitness classes per week, roof-top tennis court, spa and sauna and much more! So whether you are looking to build strength or stamina or to simply relax after a game, there is something for everyone.

Did you know most sports professionals practice yoga and pilates? Try one of our yoga, pilates or body balance classes in our new wellness studio and notice a huge difference in your game.

Stay on track with our 3D Body Scanner and member care program so that you achieve your goals on and off the court!

Find out more at All Sorts gym. Contact us on 9469 5688.

Offer applies to registered Indoor players only.


Swim Race Night

Our Race Nights are a great way to introduce your kids to the idea of swimming as a sport and also to practice their racing skills. Swimmers will be able to participate with other children their age in an enjoyable, supportive environment.
Come along to our next Race Night and bring a friend for a guaranteed night of fun racing, new friends and a great sense of achievement. Our next race night is coming up in March.

March race night

Thursday, 18th February, 2016

Player of the Month – Feb

Congratulations to George Tsintominas!
George has been playing at Indoor for 5 years in which time has vastly developed his futsal skills. His dedication and commitment to futsal has seen him grow and he now plays for 3 teams at All Sorts.

We love his cheeky demeanor and the great vibe he brings to All Sorts futsal!

How long have you been playing at All Sorts Indoor for?

5 lovely years!

In 3 words, describe what All Sorts Indoor means to you?

Life after work

What are your favourite moments at All Sorts?

The post goal celebrations with my team. Playing 3 times a week for 3 different teams and having some cheeky banter with the referees

ASIS mom

Swim parents train for FREE!

Swim mums and dads! You can now train for FREE while your kids train! Show us this deal at reception to claim this offer!

FREE gym deal

Wednesday, 17th February, 2016

#AllSortsSelfie Comp

Snap a selfie of you or you and your friends anywhere at All Sorts gym, swim and indoor sports for the chance to win some awesome prizes! Tag #AllSortsSelfie on Facebook or Instagram to enter.

There are three prizes up for grabs!

1st Prize – $250 CASH

2nd Prize – All Sorts Goodie bag worth $200

3rd Prize – All Sorts $100 voucher

Competition closes March 31st. Get snapping!


Sink or Swim?

sink or swim

Did you know, on average, one child dies each week in Australia as a result of preventable drowning?
Swimming lessons for children not only ensure that they are safe in water, but benefits their health and wellbeing.  Our swim school is a fun and safe environment for your kids with expert instructors teaching people of all ages (from 6 months and up).

Learning to swim is an essential skill for life. Come and talk to us at swim school about enrolling your child into swim lessons.


Tuesday, 16th February, 2016

Wyong Instructor of the Month – February

Faye’s upbeat and loving nature adds to the great atmosphere at All Sorts Wyong.

Her years of knowledge in the fitness industry particularly yoga, is what makes her classes continue to be so successful! Her classes always have such tremendous attendance and no member ever leaves the gym without a spring in their step.

Your positive aura and friendly nature is an asset to All Sorts. Thank you Faye!


Instructor of the Month – February

Congratulations Patty!

Patty has been an instructor for All Sorts for several years in which time has inspired so many of our members to get motivated and fit whilst having fun. Because of her enthusiasm and passion for fitness and All Sorts, Patty recently moved into the role as Group Fitness Manager! She focuses on creating a fun, healthy, and fit community that supports one another in achieving their fitness goals. Patty brings a refreshing enthusiasm to her classes that all her participants love and that is why she is our Instructor of the Month!

1. What led you to get into becoming a fitness trainer

My love of dance and music lead me to becoming a fitness instructor. Getting paid to do what I love was just a bonus.

2. Outside of the gym, what do you like to do for fun?

I love any forms of dance, going out dancing with friends and Salsa dancing ( when I have the time and energy ) I also love doing Yoga classes and my own personal training.

3. What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

One of my first ever jobs was a Dental nurse!