Wednesday, 18th May, 2016

NEW Timetable – starting June 6th!

new timetable

We are excited to be introducing changes to the timetable including BRAND NEW classes and some shifts on times to make your favourite classes more easily accessible. Look out for the changes on the website and at reception.

issyTimetable Launch – HIIT Power with DJ Issy and Patty

To celebrate the launch of our NEW timetable we are going all out with our NEW Power HIIT class on Wednesday 8th June at 7.30pm! DJ Issy will be hitting the decks to bring you the best sounds guaranteed to push you to your limit! This new class will be instructed by our incredible fitness manager Patty.

HIIT Power

Not your typical HIIT class…

Cardio, strength and endurance training in an always changing environment! Incorporating skipping, weights, dumbbells and kettlebells, suitable for all fitness levels.

POWER Circuit

Train your muscles to simulate daily life by focusing on lower and upper body strength and core stability, training your body in a way that it develops your muscles to keep you healthy and strong for everyday life activities. You will do exercises such as squats, deadlifts, sledgehammers, core work, body weight resistance with some interval style work thrown in.

Tai Chi

Ever tried Tai Chi? This style of exercise is growing in popularity in the fitness industry and for many reasons. It is a great compliment to your regular workout and the perfect way to unwind from a stressful day.

Tuesday, 17th May, 2016

Instructor of the month – May

 Susan Aspinall is this months instructor of the month! Susans bubbly personality is known by everyone at the gym and her passion for fitness and All Sorts is infectious. Susan teaches AquaFit every Monday and Wednesday at 9.30am.

 1. What led you to get into becoming a fitness trainer?

16 years ago I lost 28 kilos and decided I wanted to help other people achieve their goals.  Group fitness is such a wonderful and positive tool to connect with people in a fun and challenging way

2. Outside of the gym, what do you like to do for fun?

Fencing, running and on the odd day catching up with my gorgeous daughter Indiana

 3. What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

I started a running club in arctic Canada


Sunday, 15th May, 2016

Exercise Right Week

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Exercise Right Week is all about inspiring people to live happier and healthier lives.

We all know how important exercise is not just for our fitness but also for our mental wellbeing. We are all made up differently and it is important we use a training plan that suits our body.

Come in for your FREE fitness assessment and 3D Body Scan next week to get you on the right track. Keep your eyes peeled on our page for daily info on exercise tips and professional nutrition advice.


Tuesday, 10th May, 2016

Leslie’s Transformation Story

Now this is an incredible transformation story!

Leslie has been a nurse for over 20 years and has always put other peoples health before hers – exercise was the last thing on the agenda! Her weight gradually piled on in her mid twenties and she eventually reached a size 20. Weighing over 100kg she thought enough is enough and decided to join the gym and focus on herself! Through dedication and hard work, Leslie developed her own fitness plan and her motivation turned into a passion for fitness.  Leslie has since lost over 45kg and continues to train through a mixture of functional training, weight training and Tough Mudders!

Joining All Sorts originally as a member last October, Leslie is now training to be a Personal Trainer with us so that she can help others gain the confidence and healthy lifestyle she found through her dedicated training plan.

We so look forward to her becoming a trainer! Good work Leslie!


Monday, 9th May, 2016

Staff Member of the month

Nadine Dean Rafraf has been with us for over a year now and is a huge asset to the swim school team. Nadine’s main focus is customer service and providing the best experience for all members both in and out of the pool which is reflected by the great feedback we get from our customers. Congratulations and thank you Nadine!!!


Thursday, 5th May, 2016

NEW Tai Chi Class Coming Soon!

fb post

We are excited to announce Tai Chi is coming to All Sorts from 6th June!

Restore inner Balance Attain Outer Harmony 

Simply yet powerful, graceful and serene, TAI CHI is a moving meditation with far reaching benefits for body, mind and spirit. Many people gain more strength, stamina and suppleness as a direct result of Tai Chi practice. While others report reduced stress, and improved ability to deal with difficult situations.

All Sorts Instructor Yu-Yuan


Born in Taiwan, Yu Yuan began his studies in Oriental healing at an early age. He has been practiced Qi Gong, Yang style Tai Chi and Chen style Tai Chi for years. He was especially influenced by the Tai Chi Chuan teachings of the legendary Taiwanese Master Cheng Man-Ching and the principles of Buddhist/ Taoist philosophy.

Master Cheng thought Tai Chi Chuan could develop Qi and also nourish Qi. The process is reaching the level of “Song”– Not only about mind or physical relaxation, but also gradually steadily remove the tension on the whole body joints, spine, skin, and between bones. So the prenatal Qi can flow smoothly within the body.

We have more exciting NEW classes coming to the timetable so keep your eyes peeled!

Wednesday, 4th May, 2016

All Sorts Gym classes are on the move

Important information regarding classes in the All Sorts Sports Factory

Dear members,
From 5th May we will begin the relocation of the boxing & gym area from the Sports Factory. We aim to minimise the impact of classes during this time, but hope you understand that some disruption is unavoidable. The trainers will still provide you with a great workout, it just might be different to the norm.
The plan is;
Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th May – moving the functional fitness equipment to Level 2 of the main gym (the roof top area)
• Thursday 6am boot camp – in the sports factory as usual
• Thursday 6:30pm boot camp – in the sports factory as usual
• Friday 6:45am FFC – Level 2 roof top area
• Saturday 7am boot camp – Level 2 roof top
From this point forward all boot camp and FFC will be held on the roof top

All boxing will run as normal on Thursday to Saturday

Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th – moving boxing to its new home in the All Sorts warehouse next to the Indoor Sports Centre
• Monday 6am boxing – in the sports factory
• Monday 5:30pm boxing – in the sports factory
• Wednesday 6am boxing – in the warehouse
From this point all boxing sessions will be in the warehouse

Staff will be around to help with directions and access. Any questions or feedback please let us know.
Many thanks and kind regards
Team All Sorts

Tuesday, 3rd May, 2016

Why swim through winter?


With the weather starting to get cooler, the idea of swimming often loses its appeal, and some families stop their regular weekly swimming lessons. But as nice as it might be to stay home and rug up instead of going swimming, there are actually many benefits of swimming throughout winter…


When winter is over, your children will be back in the pool or at the beach with gusto. But if they’re returning to the water after an extended absence, their survival skills will have regressed. By continuing their swimming lessons throughout winter, they will be much better equipped to cope with potentially life-threatening situations which can easily arise when swimming.

We also see increased fear levels from children who have had an extended break from the water. Children who were confident and happy swimmers at the end of summer can often become fearful of the water if they haven’t been exposed to it for a long period, which can be distressing for the children and parents.

Progress & Consistency

Like any skill, the more you practice, the better you become. And the less you practice, the faster you lose the skills that you once had! This is especially true for younger children – repetition helps them to learn and remember. And it only takes two or three missed lessons before we start to see a noticeable regression. By continuing your swimming lessons over winter, you’re ensuring that your children’s skills are maintained, and that the money you’ve invested in the warmer months isn’t wasted!


During the winter months, All Sorts Swim School raises the pool temperature to 32 degrees and sits at 30 degrees the remainder of the year. We also have heater on pool deck to ensure the air in the Centre is warm. It is important to ensure that your children are warm and dry when the finish their lesson, before leaving the centre.  Make sure they are completely dry before you leave, and dressed in warm clothes. Don’t leave the centre in wet swimmers and/or wet towels.

There is a misconception that children who attend swimming lessons during winter are more prone to cold and flu. In fact, regular exercise, including swimming lessons, helps to increase your children’s fitness and immunity. Children don’t catch colds by swimming in winter – so long as you maintain their body warmth when leaving the centre you will actually be doing them a favour by continuing to swim in the cooler months.


Swimmer of the month

Congratulations to Leila El-Husseini who is our swimmer of the month.
Leila currently swims in 3 Dolphin classes a week and has improved out of sight over the last 2 months. Leila has taken on board all feedback provided and continues to improve every week. She enjoys swimming every week and always turns up with a huge smile. A huge congratulations to Leila. Keep up the great swimming!