Tuesday, 11th April, 2017

Member of the Month – April

This month we roll out the sled carpet for Jared Simcox!! Jared has been dedicated to his boxing training and has lost an incredible amount of body fat since starting back at Boxing.

What pushed you to start your fitness journey and how long have you been training? I just didn’t feel confident in my own body, my energy levels were low and found myself spending more time sitting down doing nothing even when I had the opportunity to get up and go. I boxed in school (and was in great shape!) so picked up my gloves and joined All Sorts with a commitment to come every day I was in Sydney. Funnily enough, I haven’t lost any weight – but I’m a jean size smaller and my shirts don’t fit anymore.

In 3 ways, describe what All Sorts is to you? All Sorts is a bit of a temple to myself, 90 minutes of me time where the phone is off and I’m focused on getting as hard a sweat on as my body will let me. It’s a place of supportive, likeminded individuals sharing their own personal journeys.

What are your favourite Group Fitness classes at All Sorts, why?  I only take one from time to time which is the boxing class. If you want to work your body really hard and are a little competitive like me then I highly recommend it.