Tuesday, 14th May, 2019

The importance of goggles & swimming caps

  • Goggles – Purchase a good quality pair of anti-fog googles that fit correctly. You should look for a good seal around your child’s eye socket. Adjust the headband and nose piece before your child gets into the pool. It is important however, that children experience swimming without goggles. When visiting the pool leisurely, encourage your child to remove their goggles for short periods at a time to enable them to get used to swimming without them.
  • Swim caps have a number of benefits which include keeping your child’s head warm, acting to keep water out of your child’s ears, keeps your child’s hair tucked in and helps your child move through the water more easily, by decreasing resistance. Swimming caps are compulsory for hygiene reasons.

We sell a wide range of Speedo caps and goggles near reception. Please don’t hesitate to ask staff if you require assistance!